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A Call to Serve: MLK's Timeless Message

BIPOC women talking

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is known for many things: Civil Rights Activist, Preacher, Community Leader, and a Champion for Justice and Equality. When you listen to his speeches or sermons, you are bound to feel the resounding impact of his words that still ring true today.

MLK Day is the only Federal Holiday that is also an in-service day. The Holiday was created to not only reflect on King’s Achievements, but also to promote Community and Volunteer work around the country.

While Brown Care Collective may seem new, we have individually and collectively been doing Community work for years. In Wellness, it’s what sets us apart. We have experience serving people around us by volunteering our time and services as well as helping people when they need it most.

Here are 3 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. quotes that we are looking to in order to keep us focused on our mission to serve. We hope you also find inspiration through these powerful words and that they encourage you to help out family members, neighbors, and friends.

MLK quote

MLK quotes

MLK quote

Remember that you can create change everywhere you go! Love on yourself and love thy neighbor. Kind words, Acts of Kindness, and giving out a helping hand go a long way!

Keep The Faith and Stay Blessed!


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